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Our Family Loves This School!

The instruction is excellent and I am happy with the growth and development of both of my kids in and outside of the dojo. I am also very pleased with the positive and encouraging environment.

Allison Polk November 30, 2017

Very Impressed!

My son and I enjoy these classes a lot. I am very much impressed with the way the school instructors present themselves – certain inner strength and respect towards everyone, even the littlest of the students there. You can’t wish for a better role model for your son.

Oleg Starshinov November 30, 2017

Great Instruction!

My 7-year old son very much enjoys karate at Baekwoon Martial Arts. They provide great instruction in learning the forms as well as providing encouragement in working hard to earn the next belt. He is learning discipline, focus and leadership while doing an activity that he enjoys. Baekwoon provides personal attention to each child to Continue Reading

Mary Dulik November 30, 2017

Great School!

Instructors are professional, skilled, and compassionate. They focus on teaching skill, technique, citizenship, self discipline, respect, and leadership. Belts are earned and leaders are made at this dojo!!!

Ed Hassan November 11, 2017