Failure is a choice!

My grandmother once told me, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” So let it be known that my definition of true failure occurs only when you have given up entirely on what it is you are trying to achieve.  Your success is driven by your effort. Your effort is driven by your motivation. Your motivation is driven by your dream. Your dream is conceived by you. Remember that it starts and ends with you.

If your dream is not big enough, you will not be motivated to keep putting in the effort.  If you don’t put in the effort you will not succeed.  It really is just that simple.  When you hit the crossroad on whether or not to keep going or just cut your losses, think about your dream.  Is it worth it?  If it is then you need to put for the effort and try again.  You may be closer to success than you think.  Honestly, isn’t it better to keep trying and figure out how to be successful than it is to just quit and continue to dream what it is like to be successful?

To achieve, one must inevitably make mistakes. To succeed one will inevitably fail at least once. These are natural means to an end, and not the end itself.

Have I mentioned that the road to success will not be easy?   Well, if I didn’t let me put it out here now.  The road to success will not be easy.  You will, without a doubt, run into issues that will prohibit your progress.  You will make mistakes that will put you back to the starting block.  It will happen.  Remember the Edison story.  He made mistake after mistake after mistake, but still kept going.  Just keep in mind that it is natural for mistakes to happen.  In fact you should welcome such things because it will challenge you.  It will build your character and make you wiser.

We are all ready to accept victory in all that we do, but can we truly accept defeat?  When failure arises in our lives we are forced to figure out what type of person we truly are.  From that we set the path to our future.  Failure is not an option, it is a choice and when you choose to stop trying you choose to fail.

The path to success can only be shown to you. It is up to you to decide if you want to walk it.

One of the many truths I have discovered is that no one can make you successful, but everyone can teach you how to be successful.  How is that possible?  You simply have to listen to their stories and learn the lessons that their journey may have, should have, or did teach them.  If you really do not believe me go interview a homeless person and listen to their story.  You will discover along the lines of what they did, or didn’t do, to land them in the position that they are in now.

The difference between success and failure is “one more”.  One more minute in the ring, one more time practicing that form, one more 1/10 of a mile on that run. Why is that?  When you go just one more, you will push your mind, body, and spirit just a bit further than your comfort zone.  One is a very small number, yet it is a very powerful number.  With that said, why not push yourself to do one more?

To add to the concept of just one more time, I present to you an old Korean saying that goes “Chil chun pal gi” which roughly translates to “Fall seven rise eight”.  This is a cornerstone to being successful. You will make mistakes and reach, what may seem to be, impassible obstacles.  When you try and do not succeed, that is ok, so long as you try again.  Success comes from the many times you get back up, not from the many times you fall down.  If you are able to rise up just one more time than you have fallen you will eventually reach that goal.  So long as you just rise back up one more time.