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Jeremy Talbot & students

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Jr. Tigers Karate

Baekwoon Martial Arts teaches life skills such as concentration, focus, respect, self-discipline, leadership and self-defense that prepare them for school & life.

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Bully Prevention

Learn to Stand Up for Yourself and Deal with Bullies. We give you the tools necessary to succeed in every situation. Never be a victim again.

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Teens/Adults Karate

Gain self-confidence, get in shape, sharpen your mind, develop valuable life skills and learn to release stress in a positive way.

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Special Offer

6 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for 75% OFF
Regularly $69 (Includes FREE uniform)

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My 7-year old son very much enjoys karate at Baekwoon Martial Arts. They provide great instruction in learning the forms as well as providing encouragement in working hard to earn the next belt. He is learning discipline, focus and leadership while doing an activity that he enjoys. Baekwoon provides personal attention to each child to Continue Reading

Mary Dulik November 30, 2017

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6 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for 75% OFF
Regularly $69 (Includes FREE uniform)

Special Offer

Sensei Jeremy Talbott

Message From School Owner Sensei Jeremy Talbott

Welcome to Baekwoon Martial Arts Academy, where leaders are made. You will find that we differentiate ourselves from others by teaching the type of skill sets that help develop the leader within. We strongly believe in teaching our students to be positive role models for their friends, family and community. We do this through traditional martial arts training and discipline taught in strict, but fun and positive, learning environment by knowledgeable teachers who focus on the training needs of a student as an individual.

Knowledgeable Teachers

Our teachers do not treat their training or teaching as a hobby, but as a way of life. They have established themselves both locally, nationally and internationally as teachers, competitors and ambassadors of martial arts.

Getting Started Is Easy

Life is complicated enough without trying to figure out what martial arts is all about. That is why we developed a comprehensive introductory program that allows you to “test the waters” to see if this is the right school for you. All you have to do is just fill out the form on this page and your journey begins. We know once you try it, you will be amazed at all the benefits you can achieve through your training.

When In Charge Take Charge!

Perhaps one of the greatest books on leadership I have ever read was Richard Marcinko’s Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior. It was the first book on the topic that made me realize that I was robbed of a very precious lesson in life during school: what it takes to be a leader. As I […]

Outside the Dojo

A couple of years ago, I had to go into Best Buy to upgrade my phone.  I was helped by a young man who looked to be about 25 at the oldest.  While nothing out of the ordinary stuck out about him, he seemed to compose himself in specific manner that begged me to ask  […]

Stop Making Resolutions Without Goals

It is that time of the year where we reflect on the past year as well as ourselves and figure out how we can improve. We proceed to make all the great resolutions to better ourselves only to abandon them by the end of the month or, if we push it, by spring. Why is […]

“Body Composition Tested” Martial Artists Free-Spar Obesity and WIN!

There are many ways to accurately assess whether a person is clinically overweight or obese, one of the easiest being body composition testing. Testing can be very helpful in combatting obesity when performed properly and safeguards followed. Likewise, there are many ways to curb the incline of obesity rates nationwide, one of the overall best […]