Baekwoon Kumdo

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Baekwoon Kumdo

The Korean Art of the Sword. Gain self-discipline, increase your fitness level and sharpen your focus while learning the techniques of the sword.

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Baekwoon Kumdo is a traditional Korean sword art which helps build great physical and mental strength. The system is very meticulous in the way it is executed which gives the student the opportunity to learn attention to detail. The execution of the cuts helps bring focus and explosive energy in a single instance allowing the student to improve concentration and relieve stress.

The modern society is characterized by technology, information and globalisation, has brought an abundance of amenities and luxury to many people. However, it has also brought obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and various diseases due to stresses of modern life. Baekwoon Kumdo offers a solution to these stresses. Through learning physical training, etiquette, self-­­­­­­­­­­­control, meditation and internal breathing exercises, Kumdo practitioners learn to improve their physical and mental health.

What Baekwoon Kumdo Can Do For You:

• You can deal with emergency situations or violence with self-defense training
• Increase concentration level than any other ways
• To overcome yourself, stresses and refine yourself with hard training
• Baekwoon Kumdo help students nourish their mind with obtaining patriotism, filial piety, royalty, and faithfulness
• Allows you to use your whole body to perform a variety of techniques
• Improve muscle persistency, reaction, and balancing your body
• Help build a great deal of confidence